Dr. Taras Ivascenko
Psychodynamic psychotherapist.
Specialist in psychosomatic medicine

Sergey Zhukov
Specialist in tactics, self-defense,
bodyguards and security service worker trainer
Practitioner of historical martial arts.

The author’s program, which is a synthesis of the principles of movement and interaction, taken from different directions of martial arts, gymnastics and systems, whose task was to solve both the external task: protection, adaptation and interaction with various external factors, and internal tasks: development and maintenance of bodily and Psychoemotional balance.

Communication is a multifaceted process of establishing and developing contacts between people and groups generated by the needs of joint activity and including a set of processes:

-Information exchange,
-Interaction (exchange of actions),
-And social perception (perception and understanding of the partner).

Outside of communication,
human activity is impossible

MoComm : first acquaintance

Who can come and do the MoComm?

All. Who wants to move along the path of self-development. Regardless of level, height, weight, age and life experience. Who seeks integrity with himself and the world around him. Who is close to the idea of creative solutions to life’s problems and contradictions.

For whom: 

For all people, with any level of physical development and condition, employed in any of both motor and social systems. No limits.

What is in the basis: 

The basis of the complex of exercises, consisting of complexes aimed at liberating the psyche and the body, as well as adaptation to physical and psychoemotional loads. Various pair and group movements to expand the scope of perception and sensorimotor communication.

It is one of the ways of self-knowledge and self-development through movement