The author’s program, which is a synthesis of the principles of movement and interaction, taken from different directions of martial arts, gymnastics and systems, whose task was

  • protection, adaptation and interaction with various external factors

  • development and maintenance of bodily and Psychoemotional balance

Unresolved tasks

  • Loneliness
  • Sedentary / sedentary lifestyle
  • Feeling of misunderstanding
  • Overexertion, clamping in the body
  • Laziness
  • Low self-esteem
  • Availability of communication barriers

Insensitivity of one’s body and the boundaries of one’s body


How MoComm helps ?

  • Develops flexibility of thinking and creativity
  • Gives the skills of a versatile solution of life problems
  • Gives the experience of solving situations constructively
  • Relieves of clamps through movement, communication with other people
  • Promotes the development through discharging psycho-emotional stress


Who can come and train?

  • Everyone, regardless of physical strength, height, weight, age, and life experience.
  • Everyone, who wants to develop and improve his personality
  • Anyone wishing to find a way out
  • Who seeks integrity with himself and the world around him
  • Everyone, who supports the idea of ​​non-conflict solutions in his life.


What is it?

MoComm System is not a kind of therapeutic physical training or massage technique. But this method has a therapeutic effect being a process of education.

It develops in a person :

— perception and sensation of the external and own movement;

— mindfulness in movements;

— balance and synchronization of activity of the both brain hemispheres;

— care for the stranger, and the definition of their boundaries;

— the ability for joint and creative work;

— the possibility of manifestation and realization of creative potential;

— plasticity, ease of movement;

— natural mechanisms of immunity;

— liberation of the body;

— the discovery of complete trajectories of motion;

— the skill of quick and comfortable adaptation to changing the living conditions;

— the skill of communication barriers, fears and internal constraints removing;

— emotional and somatic intelligence;

The origins

This style was formed based on experience of many cultural trends that conveyed and supported the ideas of a healthy constructive society aiming at maintaining peace, harmony and integrity of personality at different times, in different parts of the world.

These mechanisms and principles are used in various cultures in both combat and health-improving areas: Capoeira, Aikido, Tai chi, Russian Martial Arts (RMA), Wushu, Tensegrity.

The authors grasped the part that aimed to develop and maintain health, increasing the overall culture of movement, body health and quality of life. Everything connected to destruction, violence and confrontation was removed.

The method promotes the strong connection between people, as well as developing harmony and building of relationship and solving problems in family and society.

MoComm Specials

Through movement one can understand the point of human communication. They can see and play it over in all the possible forms. In this system of interaction, one can feel a conversation as if it’s tactile, they can feel how humans interact with humans and with the world.

Through movement you cannot lie, because everything comes down to the moment in which you do or do not, which is clear and obvious in this system.

A person can see himself through movement. Develop self-reflection. Many features of the human personality are shown through movement. The approach towards solving your issues in movement is the same as treating problems in reality.

Getting new experience in the movement, and through it, creates new mechanisms for solving problems in social life.

The simplest and most creative human needs are realized through movement.

Flexible thinking, creativity, regard to your own and others’ borders, and unity among people are developed through movements.

One of the important elements of MoComm is the creation of an environment where a person can manifest himself, have a certain experience in a comfortable environment that allows a person to better adapt to real life.


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