What a capital Saturday morning! Yes, not just the morning, but the morning that smoothly changed into day. So smoothly that I did not even notice how it had already come to 15 o’clock. The training seminar started today at 10 o’clock… And the time passed… Or, I should rather say, it flowed smoothly and unnoticeably, because the learning process had consumed my whole body, mind and something else, opening new opportunities for development. Thanks to the organizers of the seminar, good friends of mine – Sergey Zhukov and Taras Ivascenko – for their professionalism, for constantly researching, developing, moving forward and bringing their knowledge to others and sincerely sharing it with those who can improve the quality of life of other people. During these several hours, I immersed myself into MoComm –Motion Communication – once more. This is an amazing system of self-development through movement, which is based on the fundamental knowledge adopted from various teachings, martial arts and gymnastics. The synergy of knowledge, skills and experience that are combined in MoComm provides an amazing result – just one class can make your body feel completely differently – much lighter and more relaxed. The approach of conducting the class as a game, while excluding the competitive component, also gives an emotionally comfortable feeling throughout the whole workout. I received a sea of positive emotions and new knowledge. Thanks again, friends, for this opportunity.