The MoComm system is unique because it is based on simple, routine body movements, only in unusual combinations. This approach makes it possible to achieve rapid and effective development of proprioreceptive sensations in the joints, gaining more and more precise control over the actions with or without an object with each subsequent exercise. The game element makes it more exciting and helps to keep the person interested. The goal of MoComm techniques is not only more conscious body movements, but also improved ability to focus attention. Continuous repetition of the movements directs the nervous impulses from the brain centers to the appropriate muscle fibers. Eventually the movements become more precise and faster, emotional strain is eliminated and the movement range of the joints increases. The flow of motion provokes a deep sense of tranquility and helps to achieve a meditative state in a natural way. These therapeutic classes involve self-massage elements, stimulate subcutaneous and muscular metabolism, and stimulate blood circulation. The use of these techniques rapidly improves the way the person feels both physically and emotionally. The movements are gentle, and their intensity can be controlled by the participant of the class, therefore the method is suitable and advisable for people of any age and state of health.