The MoComm complex consists of 3 blocks that complement each other. The exercises that are done on the floor are based on the movements of a child in the first year of life – natural and physiological, respectively, consistent with the psychomotor development in the newborn and infant period. These movements help to stimulate the deep receptors of the musculoskeletal system and thus achieve both relaxation of the skeletal muscles and stimulation of subcortical structures, creating a sense of security and positive emotions inherent to a small child. Ball exercises are effective for improving the flexibility of joints, increasing their movement range in all directions. They are also beneficial for spine, improve cell metabolism, normalise the tonus of the deep muscles of the back and help to achieve symmetrical development of the left and right sides of the body and balance between them. About the exercises using a stick, it should be noted that they improve balance between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, stimulate the fine sensitivity of fingers, improve hand and body movement coordination and blood circulation and train the upper body, and when involving legs, motor movements, coordination and the entire musculoskeletal system simultaneously, a discharge of consciousness and emotions is achieved.