Alexander Shvaikov

Hello! My name is Alexander. I have been managing various projects for many years, and for 20 years I have been practicing martial arts at a professional level. In order to keep up in all areas, it is necessary to learn something new and expand your scope every day. Having attended these courses, I was disappointed to realize that I still do not know much about this life, but at the same time I was pleased that I have always been close. I got answers to my questions – of course, not all of them, because I still have plenty more. But most importantly – I learned to understand my body through simple and interesting exercises. For example, the exercise with the ball showed me many interesting places that I need to train more and highlighted my weak spots, and the massage with the ball can make you feel excellent, and I did so after just 10-15 minutes.

O. Ribkina (Family doctor)

The MoComm complex consists of 3 blocks that complement each other. The exercises that are done on the floor are based on the movements of a child in the first year of life – natural and physiological, respectively, consistent with the psychomotor development in the newborn and infant period. These movements help to stimulate the deep receptors of the musculoskeletal system and thus achieve both relaxation of the skeletal muscles and stimulation of subcortical structures, creating a sense of security and positive emotions inherent to a small child. Ball exercises are effective for improving the flexibility of joints, increasing their movement range in all directions. They are also beneficial for spine, improve cell metabolism, normalise the tonus of the deep muscles of the back and help to achieve symmetrical development of the left and right sides of the body and balance between them. About the exercises using a stick, it should be noted that they improve balance between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, stimulate the fine sensitivity of fingers, improve hand and body movement coordination and blood circulation and train the upper body, and when involving legs, motor movements, coordination and the entire musculoskeletal system simultaneously, a discharge of consciousness and emotions is achieved.

Liene Krauze-Luste (Yoga instructor)

The MoComm system is unique because it is based on simple, routine body movements, only in unusual combinations. This approach makes it possible to achieve rapid and effective development of proprioreceptive sensations in the joints, gaining more and more precise control over the actions with or without an object with each subsequent exercise. The game element makes it more exciting and helps to keep the person interested. The goal of MoComm techniques is not only more conscious body movements, but also improved ability to focus attention. Continuous repetition of the movements directs the nervous impulses from the brain centers to the appropriate muscle fibers. Eventually the movements become more precise and faster, emotional strain is eliminated and the movement range of the joints increases. The flow of motion provokes a deep sense of tranquility and helps to achieve a meditative state in a natural way. These therapeutic classes involve self-massage elements, stimulate subcutaneous and muscular metabolism, and stimulate blood circulation. The use of these techniques rapidly improves the way the person feels both physically and emotionally. The movements are gentle, and their intensity can be controlled by the participant of the class, therefore the method is suitable and advisable for people of any age and state of health.

A. Patlins (Actor)

What a capital Saturday morning! Yes, not just the morning, but the morning that smoothly changed into day. So smoothly that I did not even notice how it had already come to 15 o’clock. The training seminar started today at 10 o’clock… And the time passed… Or, I should rather say, it flowed smoothly and unnoticeably, because the learning process had consumed my whole body, mind and something else, opening new opportunities for development. Thanks to the organizers of the seminar, good friends of mine – Sergey Zhukov and Taras Ivascenko – for their professionalism, for constantly researching, developing, moving forward and bringing their knowledge to others and sincerely sharing it with those who can improve the quality of life of other people. During these several hours, I immersed myself into MoComm –Motion Communication – once more. This is an amazing system of self-development through movement, which is based on the fundamental knowledge adopted from various teachings, martial arts and gymnastics. The synergy of knowledge, skills and experience that are combined in MoComm provides an amazing result – just one class can make your body feel completely differently – much lighter and more relaxed. The approach of conducting the class as a game, while excluding the competitive component, also gives an emotionally comfortable feeling throughout the whole workout. I received a sea of positive emotions and new knowledge. Thanks again, friends, for this opportunity.


S. Vilkaste (Physiotherapist)

I have included these exercises in classes for teenagers who have been separated from their families. Goal: to become aware of their body and limits (many tend to cut their arms); teaching to focus on a single thing at a time and be patient. It is also liked by anxious teenagers because pressure therapy has a relaxing effect. In that case, exercise is an optional solution, because there are participants who have suffered physical abuse, and contact with the therapist’s hand may be too direct.
I also tend to include these exercises in the advanced back care classes, which, in addition to the usual goals, is aimed at changing the movement stereotypes and relaxation. These exercises help to feel present, improve the proprioreception. They teach to connect the body and the mind!