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About programm

  A program in which authors have synthesized the principles of movement and interaction from different disciplines of martial arts, gymnastics, and other systems for physical body development. The goal is to solve both external tasks: helping to protect oneself, adapt and interact with various external factors, as well as the internal task of achieving and maintaining physical and psycho-emotional balance.


Communication is a multifaceted process that builds and develops contacts between people and groups by creating necessity to act together, and consists of such processes: information exchange, interaction (sharing activities), and social perception (partner’s perception and understanding).

A person cannot function without communication

SCS : First acquaintance

Who can attend SCS sessions?

Everyone. Anyone who wants to move towards self-development, regardless of physical strength, height, weight, age and life experience.
Anyone who strives to be in harmony with themselves and the world around them, and supports conflict-free solutions to social problems.

For whom:

All people at any level of physical development and health condition, working in either physical or social areas. No limitations.

Based of

The method is based on a set of exercises that help to relax the body and psyche, as well as to adapt for withstanding physical and psycho-emotional load. Various pair and group movements that expand perception range and develop sensomotor communication skills.




Elements of SCS MoСomm are already used as an adjunct in physiotherapy and psychotherapy, as well as in training bodyguards and police officers as part of the development of conflict-free problem solving.

SSС MoComm elements were used in projects:

-«Healthcare for Patients with Disabilities – Preventing Diseases and Maintaining Wellbeing: Decreasing Risk Factors, Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle and Carrying out Physical Activities» 2019;

-«Applying Physical Activities in Psychiatric Care» 2019;

-«Diagnostics and Treatment of Psychosomatic, Somatoform and Personality Disorders» 2019;

(Implementation within the framework of the ESF project Nr. / 17/1/001, with the support of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia)

The MoComm method for relieving psycho-emotional stress, increasing the efficiency of body movements and body awareness is successfully used in preparation for world-class competitions by Karate Skola athletes.