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MoComm Intensive Retreat


For people who wish to:

  • recover after burnout, regain happiness;
  • strengthen resistance to stress and psycho-emotional pressure;
  • recover after COVID-19 illness effects;
  • stay fit and healthy;
  • foster pleasant and favorable communication with others;
  • improve quality of life;
  • discover inner potential;
  • be well adapted to the changing circumstances around us.

3 day retreat is led by:

Doctor-psychotherapist and specialist in psychosomatic medicine Tarass Ivascenko along with the MoComm specialist team.


  • Introduction to Motion Communication methods and principles;
  • What is relaxation. Active and passive form;
  • Relaxation in practice- in movement, in horizontal or sitting positions;
  • Breathing exercises and meditation practice in movement;
  • Movement- its role in life. Psychosomatics;
  • Healthy lifestyle: “To be or appear like”- challenges of the 21st century;
  • Preconditions for higher quality of life.

Teaching method:

  • Integrated, experience based and result oriented;
  • Simple, effective with a science based approach;
  • Applicable in any conditions;
  • Adaptable to the specific needs and tasks of each individual;
  • Focused on self-care, to ensure the principles can be practiced independently afterwards;
  • Offered in Latvian, Russian or English, depending on your preference.


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The dates will be announced 2 months in advance, once the group is fully formed.


The guest house “Chill Inn” is located in a pine tree forest, just 500 meters away from the beach and 10km away from Liepaja City center.


Conditions for participation:

  • Completed and submitted application form at least 4 weeks before the start of the retreat;
  • Observe a healthy sleep schedule and light nutrition two weeks before the start of the retreat;
  • Decrease the consumption of coffee to a minimum and any type of smoking, as well as restrain from the use of alcohol;
  • Registration can be completed after the receipt of payment confirmation.


To sign up or find out more, send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.