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Membership in PACIFICUS

logo2The goals of the society: to create and maintain an environment in which a person can develop harmoniously, realizing his multifaceted nature. Through communication in movements and playing, through the consciousness of the body, direct your potential into a creative channel, reveal creative abilities.


How to become a full member of PACIFICUS?


Submit an application.

Criteria – Experience in working with people for at least 5 years;

(massage therapists, coaches, fitness coaches, doctors, dancers, actors, etc.).

Practicing movement on a regular basis for at least 2 years;

Supporting community goals;

Regular attendance at community events over the past 2 years;

Regular payment of membership fees;

Regular visits to the hall of the sensomotor communication studio for a year at least once a week;

Basic knowledge of human anatomy / physiology and first aid skills;



How to become a promoter of the society?

Submit an application.

Support community goals;

Regular payment of membership fee;

Promoters and members of the society have special benefits.

– Discounts for attending events;

– Visiting the Sensomotor Communication Hall at a reduced price;

– Access to more complete community-based information and research;