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Self-Management Programme “PitStop” for Media Professionals

A seven-day programme has been developed by Stockholm School of Economics in Riga in cooperation with MoComm team and tailored for media professionals who are looking to recharge their batteries, restore physical and emotional health, find new energy and perspective in order to increase quality of life and productivity.

The Aim of the programme is to restore inner balance, relieve stress, equip participants with the basic knowledge of how the mind and body work, their close interrelation; as well as mastering a set of physical exercises that will help maintain a higher quality of life, work and health.

The programme consists of resilience building activities in nature, combined with lectures focused on acquiring new skills and knowledge for sustainable living and working. The daily routine of the programme consists of health oriented morning activities, followed by practical training sessions. The programme covers methods for retaining physical and emotional health, how to remain calm in stressful situations and be effective as a team member and a leader in the long run.

tar2The programme is led by Dr. Tarass Ivascenko and his team of experts in the field of personal development, leadership and crisis management.

Dr. Ivascenko is an author of various publications on mental health and a psychotherapist specialising in psychosomatic disorders, crisis management, support therapy and drug therapy. He has led training programmes for ambulance workers, has taken part in a study exploring the treatment and prevention options for Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in soldiers. Since 2008, he works as a lecturer, researcher, psychotherapist and offers consultations at “Mobbingu.net” to people faced with mobbing. Dr. Ivascenko practices a holistic treatment approach and develops training materials and programmes towards treatment and prevention of professional burnout for consultants, teachers and medical staff.

Taking this intensive course is a life-changing approach that has proven to be effective, offering participants the opportunity to develop a tailored roadmap that otherwise would take years to develop through searching or treatment.

The PitStop programme is aimed for people who:

  • have experienced increasing pressure due to challenging work and life environment;
  • are experiencing physical and emotional exhaustion, stress or burnout, sleep problems, heightened irritability;
  • would like to increase quality of work and life.

Previous participants say:

“The program certainly helped me. The approach and care of the lecturers about our well-being was simply beyond my expectation. True masters.”

“The training helped me to clarify my real problems. It helped determine my goals and values, find a solution (a formula) for a more joyful, harmonious and a more conscious life”.

“The crisis within my organization followed my personal crisis. As I am decoding this thesis, I am attempting to hopefully be productive, by splitting the plan of action into segments and working with them. Physical projects with an explanation are very relevant and informative.”

Group size: The programme is limited to 20 participants.

Date: The programme will take place in Autumn of 2020.
Specific dates will be suggested once registration of the full group is complete.

Place: The programme will take place in a scenic Latvian countryside.

Participation fee: 2370 EUR + VAT
The programme fee covers tuition, training materials, local travel, accommodation and meals.

Scholarships are available for media professionals.

By submitting the forms you confirm that the information submitted is correct and the cancellation terms have been noted.

If you are unable to attend, you are welcome to send a replacement: however, prior notification is required. Cancellation in writing must be received if the fee is to be refunded. Cancellation within a month of the programme start date entitles a 50% refund only.

For more information, please contact: Šī e-pasta adrese ir aizsargāta no mēstuļu robotiem. Pārlūkprogrammai ir jābūt ieslēgtam JavaScript atbalstam, lai varētu to apskatīt.